Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missing Glenn

I think I have mentioned before that grief is a strange beast.... sometimes days will go by when I don't miss Glenn in any practical sense....and other times his absence screams long and loud.

The last few days Glenn's absence has been very noticeable for a number of reasons....his brother + family have been in town. In the immediate aftermath of Glenn's death I found being around Bernard REALLY hard, and I suspect it was similar for him. The prism through which we had viewed each other was gone.....but now talking about Glenn has become easier - I guess that is the passage of time means the wound is less raw.
The Scott 24 hour race was on last weekend. I went out to visit the Crankensteins on Sunday morning at Stromlo.......that was hard. I've visited the troops every  24 race since Glenn died so not sure why this one upset me more than the previous occasions.....maybe because last time I was at Stromlo it was to scatter Glenn's ashes.
I bought a new TV and DVD player (+ various cables and attachments) - that is the sort of thing that Glenn would have done....and then come home and set it up - this time my friend Karen and FD set it up.....and Lydia got frustrated just like Glenn would have.
Tonight I had some computer issues and didn't have a clue how to sort it out - previously I would have yelled "GLENN" and he would have come in - smiled indulgently (possibly made some rude remark) and sorted it. Now I have to "phone a friend"......very grateful that some of my friends are much more computer savvy than me.
Tonight I had to put the bike carrier on the back of the car and load the bikes because I've booked them in for a service.....again needed to ask for help...and again something that Glenn would have done.

It isn't that when Glenn was alive that I was oblivious to all the things he did - but I was blissfully ignorant of HOW he did them........can't help missing that!!!!!!

Life happens (and death happens)
Reddy (or Not)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Woody Allen once said "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work...I want to achieve it by not dying"

There are few people who could really claim that there life's work changed the world. I'm suspect Steve Jobs never claimed that his work changed the world - but to my mind, at least, I think he could have.
Like most new technologies it could be claimed that the Apple phenomena was a good thing or a bad thing - but the world as we know it would be a different place without Steve Jobs - no iphone, ipad, ipod, no Apple......no Toy Story etc etc. His legacy will certainly not die.

I wonder if he would echo Woody Allen - if he would have swapped it all for a few more years (let alone forever) with his family and friends? If he would have preferred life over fame and riches?
In the end "he who dies with the most toys - still dies"

Life happens (and death happens)
Reddy (or not)