Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad News

The news today is full of stories about carbon tax.....and if the sky will fall in if we do/do not go ahead with putting a price on carbon, the multi trillion dollar US deficit, and what seems to be a triple homicide/suicide in southern Queensland/northern NSW, and the continuing conflict in Libya and Syria.

Closer to home I've found out that a friend has cancer, and some other friends had their house burgled.....

What is the right response when bad things happen? Sometimes I get really angry about the injustice - "it isn't fair - they didn't deserve this'. Sometimes I feel really sad about the way people suffer. Both of those responses are justified in some instances.

What bothers me is when I fail to respond, or respond with complete indifference. Why should I feel (justifiably) angry about my friends' house being burgled but not be disturbed by the deaths of people in Syria and Libya?

Why are we horrified by the death of a five year old in northern NSW, but not disturbed by preventable child deaths that happen every day in many countries.

Is it right that I should be upset about my friend's cancer diagnosis (yes) but not upset by the the treatment of cancer patients in the Ukraine (severe restrictions on morphine usage).

And in the light of all this do we agree with Stephen Hawkins assessment that there is no heaven? No place where justice prevails, where the wrongs will be righted?

I don't agree with him. If my brain is just a giant computer why do I feel anger and sadness about things that happen to other people, both friends and strangers?

Life happens (and death happens)
Reddy (or Not)

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