Monday, September 20, 2010

Changing perceptions

When I was growing up I remember being in awe of people who had university degrees, especially PhDs.
Then I went to university and met some people who had PhDs - and my perspective changed. While a degree takes some level of intelligence it wasn't as lofty an achievement as I had thought.

When I was single I longed to me married. Then I got married. I loved G and he had many great qualities but being married to someone who is suffering from chronic depression is not easy.

I remember my Grandmother giving me $10 and thinking I was rich. When I was at uni I remember waiting until my Austudy benefit was paid and getting $20 from the auto teller and feeling very flush. When G and I bought our first house we paid $154,000 and I thought it was a fortune. A similar house 2 doors up recently sold for $600,000.

While I am extremely thankful for life insurance having the money does not make me rich, but not having G impoverishes me, and definitely makes FD and No 1 Son poorer.

Life happens (and death happens)

Reddy (or Not)

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