Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reddy (or not)

Life is fragile.
We go through life knowing the stark statistics - 100% people die but somehow it still comes as a shock when it happens to someone close to you.I have been reminded of that statistic yet again this weekend.

Some friends are travelling in WA and their car rolled.  Details are still fairly sketchy but thankfully they are all alive. So often on the news we hear of fatal car crashes and I think we become a little immune...but for every fatality there are family and friends who are left grieving.

Even more shockingly we can see news items where hundreds of thousands of people have their lives ripped apart and seemingly we are not moved. Why has the devastation in Pakistan not been met with the same kind of compassion we saw after the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Are the people of Pakistan somehow less deserving of our compassion and our help? When we read that someone's husband was washed away in the flood waters, or someone's child died of it just a statistic?

I am sure somebody, somewhere, someday will be looking at the data on deaths in the ACT in 2010 and for them Glenn will just be a statistic but he was so much more than that.
Every time you read or hear about a death - just take a moment to consider that to some that death will cause gut wrenching grief. No death is just a statistic.

Life happens ( and death happens)

Reddy (or not)


  1. If someone would remind politicians that soldiers, sailors and air force people are not just pawns to use in a battle for power I'd appreciate that too.

    Glenn will never be a statistic for me. His photo comes up on my computer desktop all the time. I like to remember great rides, interesting conversations and coffee.

  2. Congratulations on your first post - very thought-provoking. Glenn will never be a statistic for me either. I think of him often and smile at the things he said or did, life is poorer for his passing.

  3. Congrats on the blog ... and love to you. x